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Also Serving the Cities of Hanover, Carlisle, Gettysburg and Surrounding Areas

Paved driveway done by paving contractor in Hanover, PAIf you need a new parking lot, street, road or driveway in the Chambersburg or surrounding areas, know that you can trust Interstate Paving CO. LLC. Our Family-owned business has been serving local customers for over 35 years, and we have worked with over 10,000 of your neighbors.

We handle:

  • New parking lots
  • Streets and roads
  • Parking lot or driveway extensions
  • Snow removal
With Interstate Paving Co. LLC,  you'll get a smooth, safe surface for cars and pedestrians at your home or business.
How Our Process Works
Our paving process is simple, Interstate paving, located in Chambersburg, PA pays attention to every detail. When we pave your new driveway, road, or parking lot, we:

1. Excavate the land as needed

2. Apply and compact stones to the bottom layer to create a foundation

3. Grade complete area(s) to be paved

4. Apply asphalt

5. Vibration roll for compaction

6. Optional sealing

Though we deal primarily with asphalt, we also offer a stronger tar and chipping alternative, which is ideal for farms.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Interstate Paving Co. LLC is simple. We've received many honors for our quality work, including Retail magazine's Pavement Contractor of the Year honor for 3 years, and we were rated number 12 in Pavement magazine's list of top 100 contractors. But don't let our awards dictate how good we are. Listen to our customers, because we strive for customer approval above anything else. We offer our customers a one-year guarantee on all jobs and are more than willing to re-do or fix any problems you may notice.

Plus, we require no down payment upfront, and free estimates of all our work. Call your # 1 Chambersburg, PA paving contractor today for a free estimate and start that project you've been waiting on!

Interstate Paving Co. LLC

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