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When you’re in need of an experienced, licensed and insured paving contractor in Shippensburg, PA that you can count on, Interstate Paving LLC is here to serve you. As a 3rd generation local family-owned business with strong ties to the Shippensburg, PA community, our reputation for honesty, reliability and trustworthiness has been earned over the course of nearly 5 decades. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and transparency during the entire process, from your initial free estimate to the final asphalt installation.

Because we use only well-maintained state-of-the-art equipment and PennDOT approved, high-quality materials, we can give you an unconditional guarantee, something our competition simply can’t do. For a new parking lot for your business or housing complex, a new driveway for your home, asphalt maintenance and repair services including crack filling and sealcoating, we have the solution tailored to meet your needs.

Old Main, Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA
Old Main, Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA

Complete Paving Services for Shippensburg, PA

Interstate Paving LLC offers a comprehensive range of services to meet all your asphalt paving needs in Shippensburg, PA. Whether you need a new driveway for your Shippensburg or Scotland home, a resurfaced parking lot for your Walnut Bottom or Orrstown church or restaurant or simply asphalt repair, asphalt maintenance or commercial sealcoating, our skilled and experienced teams have you covered. We use only high-quality PennDOT approved materials to ensure the integrity of your asphalt surface and guarantee its durability even in Cumberland & Franklin County, PA’s hot summers and unpredictable winters.

Custom Tailored Asphalt Installations for both Residential and Commercial Customers

At Interstate Paving LLC we understand that different asphalt installations require custom tailored plans to meet your needs and to ensure that you get exactly what you pay for: a flawless, durable asphalt surface that goes above and beyond what the competition offers. In fact, we guarantee it. Not only the installation, but your satisfaction with our transparency and honesty from start to finish. Our estimators pay great attention to detail, making sure that your driveway extension, RV parking pad or business’s parking lot are perfectly executed. Our skilled teams complete a comprehensive site preparation and perform a flawless asphalt installation that we can guarantee.

Asphalt Maintenance and Repair

In addition to new driveway and parking lot installations, Interstate Paving LLC offers a wide range of asphalt maintenance and repair services to keep your asphalt surface looking good and in tip-top shape for many years. Cracking is a normal part of the asphalt aging process, and in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania and the surrounding countryside, our hot summers and the frequent freeze-thaw cycles of our unpredictable winters only make the problem worse. However, cracks, fissures and potholes in your asphalt have an adverse effect on how it looks and how it performs, potentially causing safety hazards and requiring costly repairs if left unattended.

At Interstate Paving LLC you can trust us to maintain your asphalt surface above and beyond industry standards, filling divots and sealing cracks as soon as they appear in order to preserve your driveway or parking lot, restore its aesthetics and maintain its integrity for the long haul. We also offer professional sealcoating services to Shippensburg, Pennsylvania and all over Cumberland & Franklin Counties.

We use only high-quality materials that provide protection from the sun’s UV rays in summer and prevent water from infiltrating tiny cracks and fissures then freezing and thawing in winter, causing deterioration and the breakdown in integrity of your asphalt surface. Sealcoating not only increases curb appeal but increases the lifespan of your asphalt driveway or parking lot in Shippensburg, PA, saving you frustration and money over time.

Shippensburg, PA Parking Lots

Interstate Paving LLC has been paving parking lots for Shippensburg, PA businesses for more than 40 years. Our experienced team of site planners, estimators and paving engineers know their business. They have the know-how to make your business parking lot not only functional but attractive. We will mill the existing asphalt, when appropriate, or remove it if necessary. Our techs can also prepare a site from bare ground or gravel and pave it with asphalt and paint your lines for parking. We paved the parking lot for McDonald’s and we can pave yours too!

No matter what kind of parking lot you have in Shippensburg, PA Interstate Paving LLC has you covered. If you need seal coating for your church parking lot, call us! We do seal coating right and we do it right now! If your business parking lot needs maintenance, or if your parking lines are fading, call us!

Call us now for a paving company near me in Shippensburg, PA. Or maybe you manage an apartment complex or a condominium community. We can repave your parking lot so your tenants can park safely, and you will be free of worry. Interstate Paving LLC takes care of your asphalt paving needs in Shippensburg, Scotland, Newburg & Orrstown. In fact, we serve all of Cumberland & Franklin Counties!

Shippensburg, PA Driveways

When you need a driveway paving company near you, call Interstate Paving LLC! We have the experience to do your job right. Our guarantee is the best in Shippensburg. We use only PennDot approved materials, even in your residential driveway! That’s right. Only the best materials will do for our customers. That’s why our customers love us!

Our estimators come to your home and assess your driveway. They give you a no-hassle estimate. We schedule you as soon as possible, because no one likes to wait longer than they have to. Our crews do an excellent job of putting down your new blacktop. And we guarantee your satisfaction. We even follow up with an inspection before the first year is up to make sure no additional maintenance is needed. If it is we will gladly do it without delay! When you look for a paving company near me in Shippensburg you need look no further than Interstate Paving LLC. We are the driveway experts you can trust!

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Shippensburg, PA
St. Andrew’s Episcopal church, Shippensburg, PA

New Customized Residential Driveway Installations

Whether you are building a new home and need a new driveway built from the ground up or are in the process of improving the house you already own or are getting ready to sell, you can trust Interstate Paving LLC to customize a plan that works for you and respects your budget. As a functional component of your property, a driveway or parking pad provides a smooth transition from street to garage or carport.

Asphalt driveways have several benefits over more expensive concrete or paver solutions, concrete being far more expensive to install and repair and far less flexible when confronted with the seasonal changes of our Shippensburg, PA climate and pavers, while having a certain aesthetic appeal to certain homebuyers, require frequent maintenance and are far more likely to cause tripping hazards as the ground heaves in our Cumberland & Franklin County freeze-thaw cycles.

Interstate Paving LLC has the expertise to provide a custom asphalt paving solution that will enhance your home’s curb appeal and provide you with the stable, long-lasting and smooth asphalt driveway you want and need. From initial design through expert asphalt driveway or parking lot excavation, Interstate Paving LLC is your trusted Shippensburg, PA hometown partner in creating an asphalt surface for your home or business that will serve you for years.

Expert Asphalt Installation and Custom Options in Shippensburg, PA

The experienced professional design and engineering team at Interstate Paving LLC will listen to your design preferences, take into account your time and budget constraints, and consider how your new driveway or parking area will be used. Of course, some HOA’s have specifications that have to be followed and certain municipalities have rules about how your new driveway or parking lot is tied into their existing infrastructure.

Our team considers the architectural style of your home or business and the contours and drainage requirements of your property to guarantee that the finished asphalt installation meets and exceeds your expectations and serves your needs and the needs of your guests or customers. Then we use our top-of-the-line well-maintained equipment and our experienced installation teams and project supervisors to ensure a smooth and level surface that will endure.

Shippensburg University Keystone marker, Shippensburg, PA

Customized Paving Solutions to Unique Situations

For those applications that don’t require a ground-up installation, we can tailor a solution that may involve resurfacing your existing driveway or parking lot, extend your driveway or parking area in order to make it more functional for your needs, or simply repair and maintain your aging asphalt driveway. In the case of excessively long farm lanes or areas where you store your RV, extra vehicles or farm or land management equipment, or for an access road to your cabin or hunting camp, we can suggest using asphalt millings, rolled and compacted, to provide the smooth surface and sound base you need to move your vehicles or equipment around your property.

Far more economical and less time consuming, this option is popular in Cumberland & Franklin County, Pennsylvania’s extensive farming and rural communities. Ask us about all the options available to you and we will work with you to customize a solution that works with your needs and budget.

H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center, Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA
H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center, Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA

Interstate Paving LLC’s Commitment to Quality

Interstate Paving LLC’s commitment to quality means we source only the highest quality materials for our paving projects in Shippensburg, PA. We insist on providing only top-of-the-line PennDOT approved asphalt materials for all of our parking lot and new driveway installations because you, our customers, are our most valuable resource. If your new driveway, driveway extension, parking lot or RV pad can’t endure our Cumberland & Franklin County weather fluctuations it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks when the machinery and installers finish up and leave.

We’ve all been bamboozled by contractors who make something look nice and we know the feelings of disappointment and anger when the project we saved up for and were so happy with initially begins to crumble and fall apart. For nearly 5 decades the Frye family has been providing quality asphalt installations in Shippensburg, PA. Our reputation for honesty, transparency, integrity and ultimately to quality asphalt installations is hard-earned and well-deserved.

We guarantee that your driveway or parking lot will endure with minimal maintenance in excellent condition for the long haul. Long-lasting asphalt installations you can be proud of and that will meet and exceed both your needs and expectations are our top priority and our professional project management teams and skilled installation crews make sure that’s what we deliver, every single time. Guaranteed.

Professional Paving Contractor in Shippensburg, PA

Once you’ve spoken with one of our project management team and received your estimate, our office will get you on schedule as quickly as possible and with respect to your schedule. We have jobs and families, too, and as your local hometown Shippensburg, PA trusted asphalt paving contractor we want to make sure that your life and daily routines are disrupted as little as and for as short a period as possible.

While we can’t control the weather, our professional asphalt installation teams and experienced project managers will do all we can to stay on schedule, sticking to an agreed upon timeline in order to complete your new driveway or parking lot on time and on budget. Our project management specialists will keep you informed throughout the process and report on the progress and make sure your questions and concerns are addressed and answered to your complete satisfaction. We know that enhancing your property’s usefulness, curb appeal and value are paramount, and we respect you and your property, whether a home or a business, and promise to treat it as if it were our own.

Quality Asphalt Installations and Customer Satisfaction in Shippensburg, PA

Interstate Paving LLC delivers exceptional quality on each and every asphalt installation project. Our guarantee is based on our use of only high-end PennDOT approved paving materials, state-of-the-art and well-maintained equipment, and our reliance on our professional, expert asphalt installation crews and experienced engineers and project managers. But we are also committed to 100% customer satisfaction. After all, you can have the best new asphalt driveway or parking lot in Shippensburg, PA but if you’ve been treated poorly, that’s all you’ll remember.

We have been the trusted paving contractor for homeowners, property managers and businesses in Shippensburg and Cumberland & Franklin County, PA for nearly 50 years and our goal is always not only to meet and exceed your expectations for quality but also for your overall customer experience. If at any point you feel otherwise, we want to know about it because we are constantly endeavoring to improve our level of customer service as well as our level of expertise.

Many of our customers are repeat customers, coming back for maintenance or even extensions or new driveways. Some are “legacy customers” whose parents or grandparents worked with the Frye family in the past and won’t use anyone else. Building new asphalt driveways and parking lots and building lasting community relationships that stand the test of time in Shippensburg, PA. Call us when you’re ready to work with us, your trusted Shippensburg, PA professional, reliable paving contractor and let us help you take your property to the next level.

Call Interstate Paving LLC, Your Trusted Asphalt Paving Contractor in Shippensburg, PA

When you’re looking to have a new driveway or your existing driveway widened, extended or resurfaced in you’ll want to call Interstate Paving LLC, your trusted asphalt paving contractor in Gettysburg, PA. If you’re a Cumberland & Franklin County business owner in Shippensburg, Scotland or Orrstown in need of an upgraded or expanded parking lot, contact us for a free assessment of your needs and a free quote.

Interstate Paving LLC’s unparalleled commitment to quality asphalt installations that are both beautiful and durable along with our unmatched customer care and customer service have made us the paving contractor of choice all over the Shippensburg, Pennsylvania area and beyond. Our professional, experienced team is always on hand to help you plan your project, provide customized recommendations and give you a free quote. Contact Charity at 717-479-2738 to answer any questions and take the first step in achieving the look and functionality you and your Gettysburg, PA home or business needs and deserves.

Interstate Paving LLC Proudly Serves Shippensburg, PA

We at Interstate Paving proudly serve Shippensburg, PA, and all of Cumberland & Franklin Counties. Our services areas include Shippensburg proper, Scotland, Orrstown, Newburg, and all points in between and beyond.

Interstate Paving LLC Services in Shippensburg, PA

Interstate Paving LLC is proud to serve our friends and neighbors in Shippensburg, PA. We offer state of the art asphalt paving services for commercial, industrial, municipal and residential clients. Our customers love the experience and knowledge of our project management team.

We use only PennDOT approved materials. Interstate Paving strives for perfection and guarantees its work. We provide free estimates, expert advice and see your project through from beginning to end. Our project managers keep abreast of new trends and follow the science to ensure your satisfaction. We train our team diligently. Each member of our staff takes pride in their work.

With a rich and varied history, today Shippensburg, PA is a modern town and needs the services of an experienced asphalt paving company to maintain its streets and parking lots. Interstate Paving LLC of Gettysburg, PA has been serving the Shippensburg, PA area, including Scotland, Orrstown, and Newburg for over 50 years and is proud to continue to this day. Here is a list of the services we provide:

Commercial Asphalt Paving

Commercial Asphalt Paving: business owners, municipal authorities and HOA’s in Shippensburg, PA can call on Interstate Paving LLC to pave parking lots, access roads to parks and memorial gardens, and neighborhood streets.

Residential Asphalt Paving

Residential Asphalt Paving: residents and homeowners can have Interstate Paving LLC pave, repave, or repair their asphalt driveways in Shippensburg, PA. Blacktop is a popular choice for driveways and parking pads for cars and RVs. Less expensive than concrete, it is an economical choice as well.

Commercial Sealcoating

Commercial Sealcoating: Interstate Paving LLC provides commercial sealcoating services to business, apartment complexes, medical centers, shopping centers and grocery stores in Shippensburg, PA. Extend the life of your asphalt parking lot by having Interstate Paving LLC of Gettysburg, PA maintain it with our high-quality professional sealcoating services.

Residential Sealcoating

Residential Sealcoating: Homeowners call on Interstate Paving LLC to maintain their asphalt driveway by providing sealcoating, thereby preserving the integrity of their driveways and parking areas and extending their useful life. This is a money-saving step that can help prevent the need to repave your driveway sooner than you want.


Striping: Businesses, shopping centers, grocery stores, churches and parks in Shippensburg, PA rely on Interstate Paving LLC to paint stripes and decals in their parking lots. Professional parking lot striping ensures that visitors and customers can park safely and efficiently, providing them with clearly marked parking spaces and guides for handicap parking spaces.

Asphalt Milling

Asphalt Milling: Interstate Paving LLC provides asphalt milling services to Shippensburg, PA. Rumble strips milled or rolled into center lines and berms keep traffic moving safely and warn motorists not to cross over into oncoming traffic or leave the roadway entirely.

Commercial Snow Plowing

Commercial Snow Plowing: Interstate Paving LLC is proud to provide snowplowing services to churches, schools, businesses, grocery stores and HOA’s in Shippensburg, PA. Call us today for contract rates and availability at 717-479-2738

Interstate Paving LLC, Your Shippensburg, PA Asphalt Paving Partner

Shippensburg, PA is a great city, a great place to live and work. Interstate Paving LLC takes pride in being your local hometown Shippensburg, PA asphalt paving partner because we have been serving the Cumberland & Franklin County area for over 50 years, and we look forward to continuing to serve Shippensburg, PA and Scotland, Newburg, Orrstown, and all points in between and beyond.

Interstate Paving LLC proudly serves Shippensburg, PA

At Interstate Paving LLC we are proud to serve the historic community of Shippensburg, PA. We strive to provide excellent customer service, quality and expert workmanship and timely project completion. We use only equipment well-maintained and meets industry standards. Interstate Paving paves parking lots and access roads, as well as private driveways. Our project management team comes to you and provides you with the information you need to make your decision. We do this in a timely manner and with the professional touch gained from over 40 years of experience in the asphalt paving industry.

When you need your Shippensburg, PA driveway repaved, call Interstate Paving LLC. Manage a commercial property? We will handle every aspect of your project from a free estimate to completion. Municipal governments rely on Interstate Paving LLC to pave access roads to parks and recreational areas and property management companies use us to pave and stripe parking lots for their tenants.

Call Interstate Paving LLC when you need asphalt paving, asphalt restoration and asphalt maintenance.

Interstate Paving LLC serves the Shippensburg, PA area

Interstate Paving proudly serves not only Shippensburg, but the surrounding communities, as well. We provide asphalt paving to businesses, municipalities, and consumers in the following towns. We pave driveways in Orrstown. Folks from Newburg rely on us to maintenance their parking lots. Municipal governments all over Cumberland & Franklin Counties call us to mill and resurface their access roads. The people of Scotland, PA call on us call on us to reseal and maintain their parking lots and driveways.

Trust us at Interstate Paving for all your blacktop needs. Our project managers are knowledgeable and honest. Our teams strive for perfection. Interstate Paving’s guarantees remain the best in the industry.

Interstate Paving LLC asphalt driveway services Shippensburg, PA

Asphalt Driveways & Parking Lots: A Durable & Cost-effective Choice

When it comes to constructing driveways and parking lots, asphalt stands as one of the most popular and versatile materials. Renowned for its durability, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness, asphalt has become the go-to choice for both residential and commercial projects.

Benefits of asphalt


One of the primary advantages of asphalt is its exceptional durability. Asphalt surfaces can withstand heavy loads and frequent traffic without showing signs of significant wear and tear. This makes it an ideal choice for areas with high vehicle or foot traffic, such as parking lots and driveways.


Asphalt’s flexibility allows it to adapt to temperature fluctuations and minor ground movements without cracking. This makes it particularly suitable for regions with extreme weather conditions, as it can expand and contract without causing structural issues.

Quick Installation

Asphalt driveways and parking lots can be installed relatively quickly compared to other materials like concrete. The process involves preparing the base, applying the asphalt mixture, and compacting it. This means less disruption to your property and faster project completion.

Cost Effectiveness

Asphalt is often more cost-effective than alternatives like concrete or interlocking pavers. Not only is the initial installation cost lower, but also the maintenance expenses over the lifespan of the pavement tend to be more affordable.

Aesthetic Appeal

While asphalt might be perceived as utilitarian, it can be aesthetically pleasing when properly installed and maintained. Its dark color contrasts well with surrounding landscapes and buildings, providing an appealing visual element.

Easy Maintenance

Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your asphalt driveway or parking lot. Sealcoating every few years helps protect the surface from moisture, UV rays, and chemicals, preventing cracks and deterioration. Additionally, patching minor cracks and repairing any damage promptly can prevent them from escalating into larger, costlier problems.

Smooth Surface

Asphalt offers a smooth and even surface that’s pleasant to drive or walk on. This is especially important for parking lots, where vehicles need a stable surface for maneuvering and parking.

Interstate Paving LLC: Considerations for Asphalt Projects

Proper Installation

While asphalt is relatively easy to install, proper installation is crucial for its longevity and performance. It’s essential to prepare the base correctly, ensuring adequate drainage and compaction. Poor installation practices can lead to premature deterioration. Interstate Paving LLC understands this and will work diligently to ensure your Shippensburg, PA asphalt driveway or parking lot is done right and properly maintained.


Regular maintenance is key to maximizing the lifespan of your asphalt driveway or parking lot. Sealcoating, crack sealing, and timely repairs will prevent minor issues from becoming major problems. Neglecting maintenance can result in a shorter lifespan and higher repair costs.

Weather Conditions

Extreme weather can affect asphalt surfaces. In colder climates, freeze-thaw cycles can lead to cracking, while in hotter regions, prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause fading and deterioration. Proper sealcoating and routine maintenance can mitigate these effects.


Adequate drainage is essential to prevent water from pooling on the surface. Standing water can weaken the asphalt and lead to cracks and potholes. Proper slope and drainage systems should be incorporated during installation.

Environmental Impact

While asphalt is recyclable and can be reused, its production process involves non-renewable resources like oil. However, innovations in asphalt technology are continually aiming to reduce its environmental impact. Using recycled materials in asphalt mixtures and exploring alternative binders are some of the ways the industry is becoming more sustainable.


is durable, its lifespan is influenced by factors such as usage, maintenance, and weather conditions. On average, well-maintained asphalt surfaces can last around 20-25 years. Regular inspections and prompt repairs can extend this lifespan.

Professional Expertise

To ensure the best results, it’s advisable to hire professionals experienced in asphalt installation and maintenance. They can assess your property, recommend suitable asphalt mixtures, and execute the project with precision. Interstate Paving LLC is your go to choice in Shippensburg when you need a new asphalt driveway or parking lot.