Parking Lots & Access Roads

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Parking Lots

Commercial Asphalt Paving is an essential and necessary checklist item when establishing or updating your commercial location. Whether you manage and maintain a large shopping mall, trucking hub or just a single restaurant on it’s own pad, local ordinances require and customers expect a parking lot that is paved and maintained for optimal use and safety.

It’s more than just a fresh layer of asphalt though. Our expert estimators will examine your location, note any drainage issues and recommend the appropriate measures to make sure your parking lot serves your needs and remains not only beautiful but functional for years to come.

If you have a parking lot that is cracking or crumbling, or if it is currently just a gravel lot, contact Interstate Paving LLC and one of our experts will visit your site and give you a free estimate. Our job site quality control team are on every job making sure everything is done to perfection and ensuring your total satisfaction. That’s our promise and our written guarantee!

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Access Roads

Access roads are a long-time specialty of Interstate paving. Municipalities need them for access to parks and facilities so residents can safely drive into these locations without fear of injury or damage to their vehicles.

Memorial gardens require safe access to family members of loved ones who wish to visit or maintain headstones and plots. Warehouses and other industrial complexes need a well-paved access road for tractor trailers and delivery trucks.

At Interstate Paving LLC we use only the best Penndot approved materials and properly build your access road according to industry standards. Like you, we want your means of access to be both useful and enduring. A fresh looking, well maintained access road is a statement of the quality of your business or organization that every visitor will notice, because you care enough to make sure they can get to you without risk of injury or damage to their vehicle. If you’re in need of of an update, contact us today. A trained expert will give you a free estimate and go over your needs and wants with you to make sure you are satisfied with the finished product. That is our guarantee, and we put it in writing.

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Roads & Bridges

Roads and bridges are one of the first things anyone thinks of when mentioning asphalt. Every summer the flags and cones go up. We, the experts at Interstate Paving LLC, can attend to repairing and replacing our nations roadways and infrastructure. Transportation is essential to modern life. Consumers rely on the trucking industry to deliver products and produce to our supermarkets, department stores and even our front doors.

Interstate Paving LLC is headquartered in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Our Commercial Sales Division helps those clients who have properties all over the US but maintain a centralized purchasing division.

In the early 2000’s, we began strategizing about improving and expanding our commercial division. We developed a sales team to concentrate on those customers with multiple properties throughout the US. This proved to be a strong move as sales increased 20-30% annually in the coming years.

Interstate Paving LLC also works closely with Penndot and various municipalities throughout south central PA in order to properly repair and maintain our aging network of secondary roads which so many of us depend on to commute to work and transport our families to school and church functions, as well as to restaurants and sporting events. All our equipment is clean and well maintained and we use only Penndot approved materials on any project. Such is our commitment to excellence.