line painting or striping in a parking lot for an apartment complex in York, PA
Parking Lot Striping

Interstate Paving LLC: Parking Lot Striping

Interstate Paving LLC offers parking lot striping services. After all, no parking lot is finished until your customers, employees or residents know where to park. Our skilled planners know exactly the intervals required by federal, state and local authorities for standard parking spaces as well as those required by law to be provided for wheelchair accessible vehicles.

In addition to these, you may opt for special spaces for first responders, veterans, expectant mothers or those with carriages, as well as those spots designated for curbside pickup or delivery trucks. We also paint directional arrows if your parking lot has angled spaces, no parking and fire or emergency vehicle lanes, warnings such as stop, slow or yield, as well as hospital, school and pedestrian crossing zones. We even accommodate special requests

parking lot striping - line painting interstate paving llc

Lot Striping Paint Choices

Water-based acrylic line striping paints provide durability, high visibility, and are environmentally friendly. For these reasons, water-based acrylics are the paint of choice for most parking lots as well as roads and highways.

For parking lot striping, lines are usually 4 inches wide and should also be 15 millimeters thick. This can usually be accomplished with two coats of paint. Paint can be applied with airless or air marking machines.

4 Steps to Parking Lot Design parking lot striping interstate paving llc

Common parking lot angles are 45 and 60 degrees, but 90-degree parking (perpendicular) accommodates significantly more vehicles than angled parking. This configuration works with one-way or two-way aisles. The closer to perpendicular, the less area you’ll need per vehicle in your layout, so it’s more efficient and cost-effective. Still, the choice is yours. Our staff will work with you to determine the best layout for your particular application.

Of course line painting isn’t only for parking lots. We also add striping to our other projects, including access roads, playgrounds, ports and trucking hubs.

Night and after-hours services Interstate Paving LLC

After-hours services

Interstate Paving LLC understands that there may be times when paving your parking lot during business hours isn’t practical. We will gladly work with you and provide our services after you close for the day. We strive to complete your paving project with the least amount of disruption to your daily schedule and with the least inconvenience to you and your customers.

Ask one of our service representatives about this option. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.