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Preventative Asphalt Maintenance

preventative asphalt maintenance by Interstate Paving LLC
Preventative asphalt maintenance by Interstate Paving LLC

Preventative Parking Lot Maintenance

When we started out in 1981, we at Interstate Paving LLC understood that preventative asphalt maintenance was serious business. Now, more than ever, municipal authorities require businesses to properly maintain their facilities. We provide the experience, knowledge, and resources to help you comply with these demands and also to make a great first impression on your customers.

Yet we don’t just want to preserve your asphalt. It is our mission to develop longterm relationships so we can better understand your organization’s needs.

Headquartered in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, but serving all of south-central PA including Carlise, York, Hanover, Shippensburg and the West Shore, our Commercial Sales Division helps those clients who have properties all over the US but a who maintain a centralized purchasing division.

In the early 2000’s, we began strategizing about improving and expanding our commercial division. We developed a sales team and a core group of experts whose main function was to assist our commercial clients in complying with local ordinances and regulations.

Today, Interstate Paving LLC is one of the fastest growing service providers in the country. We are committed to and focused on parking lot management, a key component in providing and preserving your business’s relationship with your communities in York, Adams, Franklin and Cumberland counties, and we are proud to partner with you!

Preventative Asphalt Maintenance by Interstate Paving LLC

Preventative asphalt maintenance is designed to prevent deterioration of your parking lot or residential driveway. It remains the most cost-effective method to maximize pavement life while minimizing risk. As soon as asphalt pavement first shows signs of wear and tear, such as raveling, transverse cracks, longitudinal cracks, or minor block cracking, it requires preventative maintenance. Asphalt maintenance includes corrective measures like crack sealing, sealcoating, and asphalt patching/repair. Effective preventative maintenance is an ongoing process that needs regular monitoring to ensure that rehabilitation strategies are producing predicted results. At Interstate Paving our commitment to you lasts far longer than it takes to lay your parking lot or driveway. It is a relationship for life, our promise and our written guarantee.

Preventative Maintenance Services:

Your parking lot is an investment into your organization or your home. Protect your investment and maximize the life of your asphalt with a pavement management plan by Interstate Paving LLC. We’ll provide routine inspections and ongoing preventative maintenance to ensure your parking lot or driveway remains safe and functional for as long as possible.

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